Membership Fee

The National association of HungariAn Journalists’ unchanged membership fees for 2019:

Full membership fee (employed or contractor journalists): HUF 17,000 forint – HUF 14,000 until 31 March
Reduced membership fee (for pensioners, full-time students and members on child care allowance or child care benefit): HUF 9,000  – HUF 7,000 until 31 March
Junior membership fee: HUF 9,000   – HUF 7,500 until 31 March
Patron membership fee: HUF 32,000– HUF 26,000 until 31 March

Payment options:

  • Payment by credit card on the Association’s website
  • Bank transfer, account number: 11706016-20720645 (In the remarks section please submit your Association ID number or numbers if you are paying for more than one person’s fee!).
  • Payment in the Association’s with credit card only (Monday 1pm – 8pm; Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 11am – 4pm, Vörösmarty utca 47a, Budapest 1064.)
  • OTP Bank cashier payment in any OTP branch (for faster  administration download the payment form)

Important information! The Association’s Office is cash-free, payments can be made by credit card or bank transfer.

The validation stickers are mailed or can be picked up in the office within five days of the payment (even immediately after the payment is made). Please present a proof of payment, SMS or email confirmation. It is enough to show the confirmation on the phone, laptop, no need to print it.

Payments are debited with the bank on a weekly basis, and the mail may take up to two weeks in the post, so we ask for your patience until you receive the sticker.

Information and administration by phone or in person:

Monday: 1 pm – 6 pm
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday: 11 am – 4 pm

National Association of Hungarian Journalists Office (Budapest, VI. kerület, Vörösmarty utca 47/a)

+36 1 478 9041

Documents required for reduced rate membership fees:

Please send the documents required for reduced rate membership fee payment simultaneously with making the payment to:

Only the following documents make you eligible for the discounted rates:

  • Full-time students: valid student card
  • Recipients of disability benefit or annuity: Decree of the Pension Insurance Directorate on the establishment of an invalidity pension
  • Pensioners: retiree id, retiree coupon (those who have already proven in previous years that they are retired, will of course not have to do so again)
  • Job seekers: Certification of the competent Employment Centre
  • Persons on  child care allowance or child care benefit: workplace or social security certificate or a bank statement certifying the disbursement (in each case, a document that is no older than 30 days)